The no more flying alone event. PHNL-KLAX

Well bois. I’m tired of flying alone are you? That’s why I’m creating this event. Because I’m sick and tired of being surrounded by the abundance of the sky and whatever black flights that wizz past you in the distance. So, were going to have our own fun.

With this event, use any aircraft you want. Just something that can get you where you need to be.

Server: Expert server
Aircraft: every aircraft
Airline: WHO CARES?
Departure: PHNL
Event starting time and date: Dec 1st, 12:00pm EST
ATC: idk

Use any gate. I don’t know how that works, and it doesn’t mattar. Just spawn. IF YOU CAN SPAWN YOU CAN FLY.

Just comment of if you wanna join or not, and I will accept you.

UPDATED DATE: NOV 25 2020. 2 days from now


I would love to attend.

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That sounds great! Your in! Keep in touch.

I will attend

Hello there welcome to the community follow this guide to help create group flights as you can only create the topic 3 hours before the flight

First of welcome to the community. If you have questions feel free to ask me. I am always willing to help. For some helpful topics please look here for a guide about the community. And here for the forum suspension topic. The category that will help you the most since you are new here would be the #meta:forum-guide category.

This topic looks really great and I would love to attend but unfortunately as per the #live:groupflights rules you must put the title in the format of


DD = Day
MON = Month
YY = Year

HH = Hours
MM = Minute
Z = Zulu

Also you flight appears to be happening on November 25th. As per the #live:groupflights rules all flights

If you want to find that topic look here.

This is a little messed up by the way.

Once again thank you for joining the community.

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I don’t have the option to throw on events

Okay. Thats great. But a reminder, just because the thread might close doesn’t mean the event is canceled.

Hey there

Thanks for the post today. In order to post your topic in #live:events your account will need to be of a the “Member” status. This will occur automatically through your interactions here on the forum. Simply contribute by replying to and liking topics, and you’ll work your way to this rank. There’s no real time it takes to get here. It depends on how active you are.

In the mean time, you’re able to use the #live:groupflights category for your flights that will occur within the upcoming 3 hours as previously noted by some of our helpful community members. Keep in mind the title formatting and other guidelines that are in place for this category.

Thanks for the understanding!