The Night Sky of the Big Apple to the Deserts of Giza

Last night I flew a very fun route for the first time, New York–JFK to Cairo. Cairo was a featured airport and the EgyptAir livery is my favorite in the game. I don’t do very many overnight flights on school nights because I have to wake up at 5:30 to land, but they actually make it easier for me to wake up because I’m looking forward to it, unlike school :(. This flight had everything-
A great livery, mountains, rivers, islands, a sunrise
EgyptAir flies this route with their 787 in real life, but we only have the EgyptAir A330 in Infinite Flight. Besides the terrible cockpit, I actually really like the A330, and it’s by far the easiest plane to land in my opinion. My flight time was 9 hours 40 minutes

Flight Details

New York to Cairo
EgyptAir 643 Heavy
Airbus A330-300


Rotating on runway 4R as a Xiamen Air 787 approaches the perpendicular from Fuzhou, China The gear up at around 8:30 PM as we climb over Queens The sunrises as we overfly the city of lights, Paris The blue skies of the Swiss Alps In Central Europe
Cruising at 31,000 feet over the mountains of Austria The many islands of the Aegean Sea just East of Italy After crossing the northern Egypt coast, we follow the second most famous river in the world down to Cairo The deserts of Giza quickly approach as we turn toward the airport
On final approach as the gear drop Smooth as glass, buttering in Cairo!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

I’ll see you guys tomorrow:)


Nice pics. I like the way you present the photos, its like telling a story


I’ve always wanted to do this flight! You beat me to it!

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This almost looks like it’s glowing!

One of the most beautiful places on earth ( and one of my favourite places as well). Fantastic picture (and really realistic), probably the best of the topic!

The majestic A330 over the stunning alps, one of my favourite pictures of the topic too!

Once again a really great topic! The Alps are fantastic (as is the A330) and your pictures show that very well!


Amazing, amazing, amazing never gets better than this!

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Thanks! I like to make them seem like an actual flight, not just multiple photos in the same group

Haha! 😂

You should definitely try it though or fly out of DC!

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thank you!!!

The alps, like every other mountain range in IF is really fun to fly over, and that awesome livery just made it even better.

And The turquoise blue shines off any light, whether it’s from the moon or the sun

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Thanks as always :) :) :)!!!

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It’s almost like it’s glowing, which looks really cool!

That’s absolutely right. Same for the Pyrenees and others (even though I personally favour the Alps)!

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Always great pics! Like the livery too!

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Love the shots! 😍 Can’t wait time see more from you!

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Thank you! The blues on the livery is just awesome

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Thanks a lot! I should have Christchurch to Singapore tomorrow or Saturday :)

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It’ll be worth the wait!

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Thanks! I hope so :)

Love these pictures. Love the EgyptAir livery.

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Your should do nairobi to newyork with kq

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Beautiful pictures

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I like how on the first picture the lighting is and you can see a plane in the distance

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