The Night Bandit || Air Canada 77W

Blazing Through the Night

SATs and the college process are looming near for me. Add that with the loss of my subscription at the worst possible time (IF 10 years) and I’m basically doomed.

So in order to cope with the stress, I just figured that I’d share this night shot of an Air Canada 77W zooming over the Ecuadorian plains. Flight was an overnight from SCEL to CYYZ -if it wasn’t obvious enough- from late October of last year. Photo was taken in real-time so it was around past midnight. Night shots are hard to plaster, so I’m personally proud of this one. Don’t know why I didn’t share it earlier. Expert server, as always. Bonus points if you can name the body of water.

Thanks for viewing. Till next time!


very nice…

Wow! Amazing shot!

For me it looks a bit muddy so I’d guess it’s somewhere in South America. Because of my lack of knowledge of rivers in South America I am just gonna guess Amazonas

is that motion blur btw? Was actually seeing if this sort of shot was possible

@Lenza @Mukundan_Srivatsa
Thanks for the compliments!

Don’t worry, I appreciate you trying! It’s ok to not know rivers. Oh and I’ll give it away: it’s the Rio Guayas

Yup it is motion blur. I also brightened the picture so that it was clearer. Took a lot of time to perfect it!


Wow very nice photo, I like it!

Idk whether I shud frame this picture or 2 value it.

Amazing job. And the 77W is a must have ❤️



btw how did you do that? by what app?

@Captain_Awerty @J2S
Thanks guys! Means a lot. And yes, the 77W is a favorite for all

Thanks! I used an app called PicsArt to blur the background and manually removed the blur from the a/c to make it pop out. I also increased the brightness to that there was finer detail.

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Dang that’s an awesome edit, amazing photo!

What did you use to edit?

Answer is right here


Ahh okay, I have that app, what setting do you use for a “pan”?

I just use the motion blur setting and change the distance to a fair amount. From there I would just remove any blur on the aircraft

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In the mobile?

Yep, it’s a mobile app

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Thanks Mate