The next rework?

So I’m aware that the A330 is currently getting a rework. I’m not sure how the whole process works but I thought it was weird that the A330 was selected for a rework when aircraft like the A380, B747, B767, A340, E170-190 and others haven’t been worked on since their introduction into the game. If I’m not wrong, the A330 received a rework recently when they added wing flex and liveries like Sri Lanka’s airline etc.

I do want to say that I’m a really huge fan of infinite flight and the constant work that the team at infinite flight do. My only question is do we have any type of timeline as to what is coming next? I feel like a B747 or A380 rework would be well received but again I see people here talking about a 737 rework which again, we had recently.

No one knows, except for Laura and other staff members, and they probably want to keep the secret to themselves for the time being. For the time being, all that’s left for you is to browse #features and vote for the reworks you’d like to see. Also, keep in mind that the devs didn’t pick A330, the community did.

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We choose. The community had tons of choices and with a close battle between the A220 and the A333, the A333 won with the most votes.

I think once the A333 is done, a new poll will come up and the community can vote again.

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Fingers crossed for a 747 rework


The gear tilt and wingflex on the 747 would be incredible

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Let’s be fair. The A330 barely won… Barely.

No enough of big aircraft… For now, we should have a new A/C like A220 or e-jets rework


The A330 rework was voted on by the community and some of the aircraft you have mentioned here were included in the poll to which about 3000 people voted on. Infinite Flight used the community’s voice to understand what was wanted/needed and chose to follow through with the 330.

That said, I completely agree with you. The 389 and 747 both could use a full rework with live cockpits and animations that would bring them to the level of aircraft that we see today. I’d encourage to stick around with us in the community and keep tabs on Infinite Flights social media pages to ensure that you’re able to participate in one of these aircraft polls.

Hope this helps!