The next new aircraft spotted?

I was tracking myself on LiveFlight today and I saw a interesting aircraft

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Nope, it’s not a new aircraft. Cam just hasn’t added pictures for some of the liveries/aircraft in the last update or two

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You were flying the new livery A320, probsbly


But look at the name of the aircraft

IF has interesting ways of leaking out photos, lol!

Yes, when an aircraft is not yet in liveflight, it shows up as that

It’s not a new aircraft. Cam has just not updated the picture for the new liveries that were recently introduced.

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As I said earlier, LiveFlight does not have the latest versions of aircraft so when it sees an aircraft from the last update it shows this.

Then what is the XFV-1

If you want to dive into the “Pogo’s” history then here you go: Convair XFY Pogo - Wikipedia

Its just a livery for an aircraft we have already, thats what I’ve been told.

Indeed, this is the new turboprop that was hinted a few days ago. The long awaited XFV-1 Pogo. 🤩

In all seriousness, this is one of the few chosen models to mask aircraft that wear new liveries or a whole new aircraft in general. Given the callsign and the route that this individual is flying, I think it’d be safe to assume that this is the Alaska A320. Nothing to be alarmed about. The new aircraft liveries are still awaiting for their picture to be taken and uploaded into the system.