The Next Infinite Flight Aircraft Rework

I mean, in theory. If you do a full legacy aircraft rework, the A380s, 757s, 767s, and 747s would fit that category.

We think so, yes but I can’t confirm that. And to anyone who would say “don’t just join open beta to try the new things” I would say this is a fine reason in open beta. Our closed beta team is expected to test and find bugs or be removed. With open beta, part of the goal is to have larger numbers of users to test servers and systems.


What about reworking on smaller aircrafts? It’s been some time …eh;)

does the ERJ Family count as a legacy its older also

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I hope is A330 & A340


The A380 would definitely take a year approximately, their wings are unique and make that in 3D is a whole challenge, so I’m thinking they’ll choose the 757 <3

Understood; thank you for the clarification. I presumed that was the case, though the clarification is much appreciated. Looking forward to the update!


You never know! Anything can happen

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Maybe it’s the CCX? This suddenly jumped to my mind and I thought it would actually be really fun to fly your own private jet around the world.

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If you think about it, yes. You just need to set an age range for legacy aircraft in order to see which aircraft you want to rework.

While I don’t doubt that the devs can get a family of aircraft done quickly, I have to agree with you here. I’m betting on one of the military aircraft or legacy aircraft, which most have one variant. Could we see an A380, 757, or 717 rework? That’s not out of the question, but we’ve had a lot of airliners recently and I think something else is in store for us.


I’ll be happy as long as it’s a widebody rework :)

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This year fall is the most exciting time ever, with Open Beta, 20.2 & here comes the 20.3 with another a/c (~w~)
Thanks Devs!

and using IF w the A14 Bionic Chip too, thats enjoyable :)

I’m more excited for The A330 and A340 Rework, so what do you guys think?


Also after my two posts my final word here — I suppose there could be variants (who knows) but if the developers wanted to expand outwards to reach other sectors I’d imagine that we’re looking military or regional aircraft.

@jasonrosewell Any comment? Can neither confirm nor deny right ;)

Anyway, I’m definitely excited and I’ll echo the sentiment that another rework (as opposed to a new aircraft) is fantastic to help the fleet modernize!

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It’s probably the A330, since it’s “well underway” and the A330 is the closest to a full rework. It already has wing flex and all…


B757 family rework 💪

More A340 liveries would be nice!



It is so interesting to see Youtubers using IF’s official video “Which is copywrited” (And not even giving proper credit) and not saying anything except what the video already said.

I dont know how they can get away with that but I hope it is the C280 and the SR22.

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