The Next Infinite Flight Aircraft Rework

We don’t know that

The A380 is slowly running out of service. In my opinion, I would love a rework of the aircraft, but I think it is unlikely because multiple airlines are retiring their A380’s.


I so hope it’s the 747! 😍


None of the posts we have done on social media to date are indications of what the rework is.


I guess we will have to wait to see what the special rework will be it’s just a matter of time ;)

Also, what if Infinite Flight added gear tilt and wing flex to all widebodies in one update?

Lol well I’ll happily be wrong.

If that’s the case, then we should not have DC10 or DC10F and no more MD11

The legacy planes such as the C-17, F-18, etc. are the oldest. But the A380 and 767 are pretty old to say the least. Could use a rework but we’ve already seen the entire 777 family just reworked, so I think some variety is in store. But I’m not a dev so I don’t know everything. 😂

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Don’t get me wrong, I am one of the biggest fans of the A380 rework. I just don’t think we should waste an update with an aircraft that is slowly going out of service when we could be reworking other aircraft/features.

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KLAX full of new A380s
Imagine that 🤩


Would love an A330 rework. But I’ll be happy with whatever we get. 👍👍😁


KNUC full of A380’s* ;)


The IFC #features voting system is always the first source of data we evaluate when determining features to enter development. That said, it isn’t the end all be all. It is of course a business which means decisions need to be made wisely using all available resources (votes, social media, observed voids, etc) to meet our own goals and remain competitive. We’re working towards providing an airworthy fleet, meeting our current community needs, and finding ways to engage with our future audience as well.


We already can have that, but the planes wouldn’t be reworked

YES! I would love that. The A380 is such a beautiful aircraft. Imagine an Lufthansa (2018) A380.


Will the final product be in the open Beta like 20.2 (the excitement is being built up)

You say that A380 is going out of service, why not we leave out 757s and 767s and 747s too. Since they are also slowly getting taken out of service.

You get what I mean?


Almost, because many liveries of the current A380 are messed up 🙃

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Just saying, if they started work in April, they would have already had a Boeing cockpit completed (772). However, I think we can actually use the facts we have. Multiple variants would be unlikely given that the 777 variants took more than a year, and we’re supposed to get this within two months (for a total dev time of 8 mths). My money’s on the A380 or another single variant aircraft

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