The Next Infinite Flight Aircraft Rework

That again means nothing. As Jason said above, it could be released well into 2021, but their goal is 2020

Airbus A330 rework, please! I also suggest adding the -200 variant ;)

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lol when I first saw the title I thought it was made by some 5 min old account and the comments would be like “chill we just got 20.2” and then it’d be closed

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Balloons don’t have props or jets. They have FIRE.


Hey Jason would it be ok with your permission to make a 20.3 thread?

Ah yes, the best type of engine.

And if they are on it, the -800 and -900 please xD

Hot air balloon confirmed. Time to fly it to space. 😎

He said in the main post that there shouldn’t be any tracking threads

I’m just gonna leave that here


We’re getting balloons in this update guys 😂

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Please check the OP at the top of this topic.


Its gasoline with cold air but that counts

Lol, Animated Fire in Infinite Flight would be so cool.

No. staff will make a 20.3 topic like they did before so it is official. Plus there is nothing to say about 20.3 yet.


Anything that flies today basically runs on fire (or electricity) you know 😂

Another thing to point out, A380 and 767 are the oldest aircrafts in IF (according to Suyash) So, high chance (i’m wishing with all my luck) that the A380 is the one that IF is gonna rework. Furthermore, it will be a nice challenge for the devs to work on since its a quad-jet and that it is the biggest aircraft they’ve yet to rework on.


I am so sad you confirmed baloons, I wanted a blimp

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Oh right sorry see I am still in Shock I totally forgot

Hey wait wait wait! It could be the A380 because of the post IF made on it during the 20.2 update period.