The Next Infinite Flight Aircraft Rework

757 I hope

Thank you @jasonrosewell and the IF team!!

You make the impossible for the community! 🤩

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Yay looking forward for it

Be aware of a lot of suprises upcoming. Maybe isn´t the space shuttle but it could be a suprising rework. Let´s see…

@Johancy_Mejia1 & @GameBoy_KIRB

Ikr ! It was meant to be a joke!

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Wait. A. Minute.

I forgot something.
I am absolutely frustrated that the A340 isn‘t included in the video. I mean the topic is down for 1 year now.

@German_Pilot out. Throws mic in a whales mouth.

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There are 12 aircraft featured in this vid. All are mentioned twice in the video. All the numbers (747, 767, 330, 757) in them add up to 7946. Since their are 24 mentions of aircraft, you can divide 7946 by 24. That gives you 331.0833333. If you round that, you get 331. The closest aircraft designation to 331 is the A330.
Yeah it’s the 330 guys.


How does that even make sense… 😂

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I do random stuff like that myself! I’m pretty impressed with @Josh_Tomaz’s thinking! 😂

So many big airliners have been reworked in the past like the A350/777-Family/737/320. I would say it is time for some small regional airliner love. The Embraer was last reworked in 2012. You can fly to so many beautiful and or challenging airports where big airliners wouldn’t be able to fly.

The F-22 was on there once, and some were there 3 times (C-17).

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Sherlock Holmes entered the chat and congratulates the Maths genius.

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I think an Ejets rework would be nice. The last few updates have been breathtaking, but there were more focused on heavier aircraft. Now that we have a good portion of the heavies taken care of, I think it would be nice to focus on the smaller aircraft.

Ejets are a very fun type of plane. With the CRJ series already reworked awhile back, it makes it easier to focus on a sole light aircraft manufacturer. Obviously we all would love a E175 rework specifically, but i think the E135/145 would be a true favorite. They’re a very underrated aircraft that would allow Infinite Flight users, and especially VAs, to expand their network and actually visit their smaller cities with the correct aircraft. For example, the E145 could be used for KDFW-KACT for AAVA.

I hope this idea is considered, I think it’s about time it was considered and hopefully implemented.


Im sure we would all like the same things, but ya know that B757 and 767 are looking like they need a rework. OOOOH maybe the doubble deckers because most airlines are retiring them so yeaaaaaaaaa

Add all the aircraft designations in here, then multiply the number you get by 2, since they are each mentioned twice. You get 7946. Since there are 12 types of aircraft here, and each aircraft is displayed twice, you can give a 24. Now if you take your 7946 and divide it by 24, you get 331. The closest aircraft designation to 331 is the 330.

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757 or we riot.


Interesting theory there…but I don’t think its that complicated lmao.

I wish my maths at school was this good ☹️

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You will if the math questions are all IF-based lol

If the 757 wins we could have the New Zealand’s security aircraft 😍

proceeds to advertise my feature request because it’s related the the A330 and the A330 is most likely gonna be next rework, because my math.

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