The next generation airplane seat?

This seat is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen it’s an airplane seat that offer 360 degree views of your soundings in complete privacy but sadly it’s not FAA approved yet.


When do you think it will come out?

I don’t know the video didn’t say

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Is it cool?
Hell yeah.
Will anyone buy it/will it be popular?
Remind me of the option to get a cargo level lounge in the L1011 or B747

People are already talking about fuel burn penalties for wi-fi antennas on planes, this is a lot bigger, I can’t see it happening.


@Infinite_Flyer and @Danman hey you never know 😉

Pretty sure there is a topic already about this. Definitely seen it before here on IFC.

This one has my vote 😉


Is that a toilet mixed with a seat. If it is I want it in my home.

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Now that is the good type of stupid.

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Well I haven’t got a private airliner, but when the long overdue lottery win happens I’m getting one of these fitted to my jet!

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That really cracked me up

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Yes, back when PSA had a bar and lounge in the cargo hold of the L-1011

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