The newest airline: AirSial

A planned Pakistani Airline that is to begin operations this Quarter (4th Quarter of 2020).

The airline is receiving Three used Airbus A320-200 Airliners for it to begin its operations.

You may have never heard of this airline, and neither have I, but here we are, talking about an airline that is about to start operations soon.

Why am I creating this topic? Well, to share they very first pictures of the airline!

The first Airbus A320 of AirSial arrived Tonight at KPSM. The Registration, AP-BOA, didn’t show any pictures online, so everyone here will have the first look at the newest airline in the world!

Learn more about AirSial here:

First picture of AP-BOA

Right side of the airplane

Full picture

I would like to kindly ask that you do not share these pictures
These pictures are mine, and I will be putting my logo on them. Thanks!


They’ve chosen a rather tricky time to set up shop especially since the subcontinent is badly hit with COVID it’ll be interesting to see how they go 👀

Hmm, such a shame I will never fly an airline based in Pakistan. Hope all goes well though!

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Hopefully their pilots are actually licensed unlike PIA

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