The Newark flyout

Basic event rules

Summary: Hello everyone, I just started this event so I could fly to my home airport with a lot of planes.

Server: expert

Airport: Newark liberty airport / KEWR

Time: 6:00 PM



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You typed that wrong lol, leave a space from your writing and this so it will actually create.

Ok hold up

ill be flying from Kansas city

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Best city fr

@BenjiTheBull Are you going to the busy Kansas event?

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It’s his event lol

Y’all should use united cuz Newark had a lot of it

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Yeah lol it’s mine

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United 757 to tampa.

United 757 to Zurich Switzerland pls

I would go if i was Expert 😢

Uhm I believe they use 767s on that route

I know lol but I’ll take it

@Apollo_11 if Newark is your home airport bit confused why New York time says 2:33 pm but you said 6 pm, should I spawn in now?

@Anthony_Gulluscio spawn in 40 minutes

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So bad news. I had a last minute thing pop up so I can’t attend the event I hosted 😢

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That’s alright! We got atc, and there’s lots of people here! I’m climbing out of 8000 rn over Manhattan, headed to Zurich, but later today when I land I’ll post pics of the event for you to see!

Thank you and I will host another event later in October

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How was the event yo?

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