The New York City Flyout | Now With IFATC Coverage @ KJFK - 212000ZDEC19

I’ll take terminal 1 gate 02 to EDDF please

Fair enough…

Air India flies to New Delhi instead of Mumbai from JFK. Also, there is no Air India 777-300er in IF. Consider putting a 777-200lr. And also consider putting JFK-Mumbai on Delta 777-200er as they are starting that service in December as well :)

Please may you put me down for this, thank you :)


Minor niggle, but Gatwick is LGW, not LGK.



@2003iggy requested it first it looks like. Sorry :/

This is available

Wait he requested BA 744 an hr ago. I sent u a PM requesting that 12 hrs ago

Yes you did thats right.
@2003iggy I’m sorry but @Ryan_Veyr requested it before you did in PM.

As it isn’t a real route anymore and due to space I won’t be able to put it in. Sorry :/

There’s a Delhi International Flyout on the 21st too

But the server is different

No worries @RTG113, may you please put me down for the one listed above? Thanks

May I have this gate please? My callsign will be AMX409

December 21, 1988. The day Pan Am 103, flying between LHR and JFK, was bombed over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing 270 people.
JFK was expecting it, but it never came…
I will be recreating the flight, with 1 twist. It will not be bombed.

In other words, I won’t be coming. I will be recreating Pan Am 103 on the 31st anniversary of Lockerbie.

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Can I claim this gate and then fly to Tokyo? It solves space, and I don’t think this route will be claimed… if that’s a problem then I’ll have

| Gate 05 | | London | A340-600 | Virgin Atlantic

I’d like this one

I wish I could come, but I have a flight that day departing from JFK!😂😂


Hi. Can I get cargo D10 Lufthansa 77F to EDDF. Thanks

Hey, at least you are going to

lol get it