The new update, will my phone be able to handle?

Ive heard of the update about live instruments on aircrafts and i have been wondering. Since new aircraft such as the A350 is coming will this cause more lag for my device which is a samsung S9+ One of the newest. So right now i am worried that my FPS will drop even more due to the increasing amount of graphics needed.
Right now my phone can run on High settings with anti alaising on and i plan on keeping it that way. This is just to clarify whether my phone will be able to handle the next update.

If it’s a newer device you’ll be fine but, At first you might want to lower your settings from high to medium… there’s really not a big difference. But that’s why it’s not going to be rushed or pushed until it’s 100% ready, so the devs and beta testers can test to make sure that all that won’t happen, or to the best of their abilities.

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Thanks so much. It is aksi because i dont want to invest in a ipad because it is expensive

The next update, most likely. Two or three updates from now… who knows?

What do you mean?

Your phone will more than likely be able to survive the upcoming A320 update. I don’t know about the A350, though. That one is supposed to be the most advanced aircraft yet.

The A350 isn’t coming for a while. An S9 can handle a lot of things, so I’d wager it will last for a few more years of infinite flight updates. And yes, that includes the upcoming A320 update.

Yea i wont be using these phone forever

If you feel that you need to upgrade your phone when you need to, check out this thread. It gets updated often so check it out!


Thanks appreciate it good news is that my phone can handle it

S9+ is technically not latest cause we are up to the 10, 10+, note 10, note 10+ and the galaxy fold

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I use an iPhone X, and I am not worried. If the frame-rate drops, I will tune down the graphics just a bit; my iPad Air 2 (running iPadOS) will not be able to handle the game.

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@SodaGaming your phone should be fine. I’m expecting my S8 to still run it and that’s a year older than the 9. It also depends on if you have apps running in the background. For example I run spotify in the background when I’m flying (or doing anything for that matter) so that could limit some performance if you do that.

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