The new update still crashing

Is anybody going into a flight in the 20.1 update but after a while the game crashes and completely kicks you off because I can not even access it before it kicks me of

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Please linked topic.

It’s covered under “Trending” :)

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I finished my first flight on 20.1 a few hours ago. It was a long haul flight from KSFO to YSSY. I have got told before that turning down everything helps with the crash.

Ok thank you.

i just wanted to let you know that i discovered somethings with 20.1 with the battery and stuff.

So, to maintain battery, you should use the charger that was provided when purchasing your device. Because those chargers are made for your device that you use.

Do not unplug your device during flight

When not touching the screen and leaving it alone, you device will start to recharge

Sitting in a dark room with the brightness all the way down allows for great battery saving

Turning on Night Mode with apple helps bring out the details and enhances the quality without draining your battery

this is what i noticed, hope it helps