The new update is keep crashing


Today I Updated the game and I try to look B 737 and B777 and it keeps crashing By the way when I use other planes it becomes laggy.

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Try turning graphics down. That helps a lot!

Yeah, I had the same problem, and people recommended me to switch devices to a phone. What device do you use?

I already did

I have Iphone 6

The whole IF is crashing to a lot of people, maybe let’s just play tomorrow

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It’s crashing for you too?

It did, i just went to an airport without traffic, I also suggest to go to the map and hide the airspaces

Ok, do you have any other devices that are newer than the iPhone 6? If not, I recommend looking for something newer, like iPhone 8 or 8 plus, maybe a newer version of an iPad?

Nope I don’t

I can’t connect to the server LOL

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Sorry to hear that. If you have the money, at this point, buy a newer device. Otherwise, your subscription may not be able to be used to the fullest effect.

Nevermind I’ll buy PC that I can play New Microsoft Flight Simulator


Haven’t heard of this, but is must be related to the exceptionally high volumes right now, higher than most FNFs. Please be patient

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Yeah It’s not connecting to the server now

Please be patient. Traffic levels are exceptionally high right now, higher than most FNFs. I advise to come back later, when traffic dies down a bit

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I’m on iPad crashing too

Can you connect to the server?

It says no subscirption avaible

I’m on iPad and it just crashed I was on my way from EWR to MCO