The New Update for both iOS and Android on the same day?

For the updates android always get the update before iOS users do, I do know why this is, for the Dreamliner update could the developers push the update to Apple keeping it quiet than on the same day it is realeased on Apple release to android at the same time same day?? Just an idea be interesting to see if it happens.


They release it on Android first because it Android has a vastly smaller user base. That way if something goes wrong, they can quickly revert it and cancel the update request with Apple as well.


The devs release it on android first, so that the android users can report any bugs, or problems that still exist for the new update. To be honest, I would rather have the update a few days later than have an update full of bugs (I am ana Apple user)

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I understand your point but still the amount of testing the Devs do has to count for it??

Even with lots of testing, bugs can still appear. For example with the Dash-8 update. The devs released it to Android, and a small bug with the front landing gear was found, and fixed for the Apple update.

We’re your test subjects, feed us the update and we’ll find the bugs :3


Could someone add a pole to see the community’s opinion?

Another thing is that Apple needs to check the update for it to be approved. However Android does not do this. It sucks for Apple users :/

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