The new update doesn't open

The new update of Infinite flight app dosn’t open my phone is iphone 6 and its up to date but the new update kik me out every time i tried to delete it and install again and i swched the phone off but still the app wont open what is the problem

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It could be a problem with storage on your phone. You can check it by going to Settings>General>About and it’ll show you there how much you’ve used. If you’ve used a lot, try deleting some big apps.

There are 3gb free space in my phone memory but still the app can not be opend

I have the same problem and my free size in my storage 11 GB

لماذا لا يتم الرد من قبل فريق الدعم الفني من الموقع الى الان
اكثر من 24 ساعه و الطبيق لا يعمل بعد التحديث الأخير

Is it to do with IOS9? I know previous version didn’t work on IOS9.

المشكلة ليست في ISO لان اللعبه كانت تعمل بشكل عادي ولاكن انتظرت التحديثات الجديدة لي IF وبعد التحديث الجديد فقدنا الدخول عندما يتم لمس الشاشه للدخول على IF لا جدوى للدخل يتم إرجاعه لي الشاشه الرئيسية والآن تم التحديث iso 8 ولم يفلح في الدخول

Translation: Why not be answered by technical support team from the site so far
More than 24 hours and Tabiq does not work after the last update (Google translate)

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Translation: The problem is not in the ISO because the game had been working normally and I waited for new updates to me IF and after the new update we have lost access when it is touch the screen to enter the IF does not avail of income is returned to me the main screen and now updated iso 8 did not succeed in entering (Google translate)

يا سيدي، يرجى الكتابة في هذا المنتدى باللغة الإنجليزية. ونظرا لكمية من المستخدمين هنا الذين لا يعرفون سوى اللغة الإنجليزية، وسوف يحدث الارتباك.

Translation: Sir, please write in English. Due to the amount of users on here who know only English, confusion will occur.


Thank you for this observation


I have the same problem.
Does yours work now or not?

Apologies you didn’t receive an official reply.

This is caused by having your phone set to a none-latin character language (for example, Arabic). A new update is on it’s way to solve this. In the meantime, the only solution is to change your phone’s language to English.

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