The new UI is way too confusing

Literally, it is way to confusing to do a proper flight now. I cant use APPR anymore properly, and I cant navigate through waypoints correctly.

What have you done Infinite Flight? You just made the game like almost impossible to play correctly.

I’m am terribly sorry, but I am not going to waist 10 bucks until we get the old UI back or something gets to be fixed because it us just to confusing.

Also yes I have seen the tutorial

It took me about a week to get used to the new UI, now i absolutely love it!

Watch the tutorials - you will learn to really like it and it is much more realistic.

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It harder to use because it’s more realistic. Practice and you will get better at it.


There’s a lot of “I can’t…” when they can be “I can…”. The update has only been out for a few hours and you haven’t give it a chance to fully set in. It took us all a little while of getting use to when beta testing. I have the faith and trust that you can figure it out. Just need to put the A350 aside for a little, pull out the C172 and play around with it. Its easier to play around with the UI in something that flies slower than a fast jet. Trust me.

We have multiple tutorials that were published today. I would highly recommend checking out #tutorials as soon as possible to ease any frustration you may have. In the meantime, its good to approach things with an open mind, be open to change and look forward to the ways that you can develop your skills.