The New Qantas A330!

Hello IFC!

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Now, I don’t typically post one screenshot per post however I was too keen to share this all with you.

As you all know, the A330 was just released, and being the QVG member that I am I immediately flew the new gorgeous Qantas A330 livery, a new addition to 21.4. As I was testing this absolute beast of an aircraft, I thought it would be a good opportunity to snap a quick shot. Here it is!


Server: Expert
Route: WSSS - YMML (I ended the flight after takeoff so it’s not really a ‘route’)
Aircraft: Qantas A330-300

Thank you for your time!


WO Thas some good quality pictures right there. ALso WHy did you end it after takeoff lol?

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Thanks! I decided that I wanted to do some more practice flights on solo before committing to a long haul.

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thats a nice angle, and im so happy the a330 got reworked

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Beautiful shot 😍

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