The new loading screen is WOW!

Has anyone noticed the new loading screen? I think it’s probably THE best one I’ve ever seen!

The SWISS A319 is one of my favourite liveries in IF and the effect with the sunset and the Alps in the background is simply stunning!


It’s not WOW! it’s Swiss. In seriousness, it truly is beautiful


Just saw it a few minutes ago when loading in for a Kenmore Air flight. Definitely caught me by surprise! Thanks to whoever changed this!

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I thought this was about WOW air lol, but yea it is really nice!


I didn’t know we had the Swiss A319, I thought just the A321, A333, 77W, and (former) Swiss MD-11. WOW for two reasons now!


I really hope this loading screen will stay there for a while, at least a week or two.

To be honest I’m glad they changed it to the Swiss A319 the Boeing 777 was getting a bit old. (No offense to anyone who enjoyed it)

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