The New Jeddah Airport

The new airport in Jeddah (OEJN) was completed in real life about 3 months ago and flights began coming in and out of it. But in infinte flight there no taxiways or gates at this new airport, there is just an outline of how the new airport looks like. I would like it if you could re-edit it so it can look like the one in real life (taxiways-gates-etc)

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See the page below for more info.

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You could join and help a great cause. Be sure to read everything in the thread provided above.

Note from the Airport Editing Team

We ask that you join the team and edit the airport on your own since the Editing Team does not work based on requests. You are more than welcome to review the guide and join the team.

If it’s only 3 months old you would need to buy us a satellite to take pictures of it I guess, we can only edit new airports as soon as proper images are available with common satellite image providers


see all of the above