The New IFSIM channel! (Old IF Discord channel)

So, we had an idea, why not make a new IFSIM? Something seemed to have happened to the old one, so we created a new one. It is being created in the old IF Discord channel.

So if you like realistic ATC features, come and join!

#Here is the link to the Discord channel

And special guest @nickchan is here, he might even insult you! So have fun and enjoy.


Because It’s Nick Chan!

I will join. Hope to join in on some good voice ATC soon if you can get some organized. Maybe this weekend.

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I don’t think I’ll be coming back to IFSIM although I was an Admin. But I’ll think about it :)

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Trust me, it’ll be great :3

@Robertdiaz123 how do I join dis

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Click on the link and that’ll take you to the channel

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ok thanks what happened to the old one

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Some say that someone was in kahoots for attention. IDK

Can I join?

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you dont need to ask you click the link


Sure you can! Click the link and have fun!

2 much banter here dont join

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Im new i dont understand what this discord channel is for

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irl atc
same concept except you use your voice

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dont join trust me

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Thank you im so join now to make my flights more real besides using charts and having checklist cant wait to try it out

do i go on multiplayer advance or playground or be in solo while using this channel?

Anything except solo lel

What does this do? Does it mean I use my speakers on my iPad and just talk to the controller? Do I need a microphone and headset? I think this sounds amazing and awesome I’d just like to know more. Also I don’t have the app what does that do? And am I still flying in Infinite Flight I’m assuming? Just certain airports with the help of this app will have reall communications?

I’d like just a bit more of a rundown on exactly what my benefits are…but trust me this sounds amazing

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