The New IF Wikipedia Page [Photos Coming Soon]

Hey Guys,

So the old wikipedia page for infinite flight was pretty awful so i decided to give it a quick re-write. Its nothing special - I just tidied it up and gave a bit more in-depth information in there. For anyone who is going to report SPAG errors - there is not point reporting them here just register your account and change them yourself. Sorry for the lack of photos but they will be inbound shortly!
Here is the link ;

Anyone feel free to edit it aslong as youre being productive!


I think you mean “was” I hate to make a reply just for that but the page looks excellent so far.

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No problem it’s just people wining about the page that would annoy me?


Nice work! However, IF wasn’t the first app really. There was another one prior to this, which IF is based on. Infinite Runway was it called if i’m not mistaken. Don’t quote me on that though :)

I did a minor correction to a spelling error too (Applocation --> Application).

Keep up the good work!


I know you said edit it yourself, but you really could do with sorting the formatting out. Some stuff needs h3-4ing and - should be sorted into bullet points.

Nice work, good job with citations as well.

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Thanks for your kind words - if you’re on PC fell free to add any images you think are relevant since I can’t till midday tommorow

Yeah I wanted to get it done but bullets points aernt available on mobile so I’m going to fix that tomorrow aswell as adding a table with all the grade requirements etc

@Wren_Jago thanks for doing it :)
This was really needed
Great work xD


Great job, I love it, you’re a great writer

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I can’t as it is right now, all the pictures i have right now are [classified] until further notice ;)
But i might keep the text part up when there’s time. Now it’s time for bed :)


I will quote you on that, Seb!

Final Approach was the name.

Nice work Wren! Only thing is there are way too many primary sources, which doesn’t go down too well with Wikipedia mods. Might be something to watch for :)


Ok no problem was more aimed at everyone - thanks for your constructive feedback

Already sorted the sources - I almost cried when it reverted back to the old one when I refreshed but they let it slide

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Corrected the first app part :)

This looks much better! Nice work!

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“…and being ranked number 2 in the U.S app store[35], paid, racing category.”

That is hilarious in a way. Racing category. Wth is it doing there?


I don’t know but it sounded like the most impressive AppStore achievement

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You really don’t like your comas, do you?

Read the topic - any comments about SPAG don’t complain just register and change them yourself
And no I don’t

Comma aren’t optional you know :)

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