The new hotfix isn't working

I updated all the 787s and the United and EVA 787s won’t show, as well as probably the new call signs. The only thing that has updated is the coat of arms added to the BA 787-10 and the NAV lights being fixed.

iPad Pro 12.9 inch
iOS 9.3.4
Latest version of IF


Just Restart your device. It should work. If that doesn’t work delete Infinite Flight, and then re-download it. Then restore all of your purchases and it should work. If that doesn’t work, then contact

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Wow that was quick, ok I’ll do that


Yes, you need to restart your device. This will get everything working.

OK thanks everything works now. I can’t believei didn’t think of three most simplest solution.


I can’t believe it either. Haha

Good job…

The amount of sarcasm in this topic…

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He earned it

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