The new feature nobody noticed

I just wanna give a shout-out to infinite flight for updating a plane nobody ever flies. The f18 now has working lights, and animated flaps and all the cool stuff. I just popped into it so I don’t know about gear but huge shoutout to you guys for that. I don’t think anybody even noticed so I am making this post. I will definitely be flying it a whole lot more now. If this was already in the game then my phone must have been broken or something. But thanks a lot guys, appreciate it.


Yep! The whole fleet has working parts now.

Not just the F-18, but also the C-17 has animated parts too.

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i actually noticed. i just never fly it because of the physics.

Me who does CS airshows with every plane and noticed that

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I didn’t notice because I don’t have beta.

At least I know the F-18 is good now, lol.

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btw i think there’s also a little surprise on the F/A-18 cockpit… nothing that big but still pretty nice

Not gonna say bc @Butter_Boi

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You teasing me you naughty naughty naughty


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