The new epic update/my story to how I began to love aviation!!

I just want to say that I’m stoked that I have the honor, privilege, and being accepted into this extraordinary community full of hundreds upon thousands of aviation enthusiasts, pilots, future pilot’s, and all the outstanding workers who actually make it possible for us to enjoy this spectacular flight simulator and this wonderful community. I have to say this flight simulator is the top best simulator in the world for mobile phones, hey who knows this amazing simulator might even turn into a simulator where you can experience how it feels to be in the aircraft. I have always wanted to be a pilot ever since I was young and I got inspired by my grandpa, my three uncles, the USAF Thunderbirds, and many other pilots I had the honor to meet. I have always had a big passion for aviation. I most definitely plan on striving and pursuing in becoming a pilot in the Air Force. I look forward to serving my country doing what I love.


Good luck on achieving your dreams and nice to have you in this community!


Thanks for the kind words, Sounds like you have your life planned out. I also got inspired by a lot of family members to enjoy aviation, all I can say is good luck and look forward to hearing more

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