The new engine sounds


So you all may know that IF made something amazing in 2020, which was the 777. This spectacular aircraft happens to have realistic engine sounds (that I still can’t get over)
So, how did IF acquire these sounds? Did they cost a lot? Was it hard to acquire them? Do they plan on adding new sounds to old aircraft?


Infnite flight using FMOD engine.
And yes all work is HARD…
Planning sound to old plane? nah… just rework with new engine sounds.

The old engine sounds were recorded from (I believe) a 767 with P&W engines.

As for where the new engine sounds came from… I’m not really sure. I don’t think they were recorded live though. The startup sound might’ve been, but not the normal running sounds I don’t believe.

First, they paid Jason to sit inside of a B777’s GE90 engine with his Nokia 3310. Then, he sat there and recorded the entire start up process. Don’t worry, he was not injured.
Next, the pilot pushed the engine to full throttle and back to get all the sounds. Why does the engine sound so darn good? Well, the Nokia 3310 has one of the best quality audio recordings out of any other phone.
Anyways, I’ll have you know that this is a very dangerous procedure, so the next time you fly that shiny 777, think of the sacrifices made to get those sweet engine sounds.


and now Jason looks like your profile pic


they used magic

The the old sounds are from a 737.

I think they hired someone to record them, like they did in the past.



So are you saying the 737 in IF has realistic engine sounds then?

I think they are…

Here’s the source:

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Can I try this at home?

I believe the hand crafted these sound because they are not yet big enough of a company to record the really engine sounds.

Nope. They’re real recordings of actual engines.

Tell me this is a joke

I just heard them at some where. And the 77W doesn’t exactly sound like that, that more sound the the Trent 1000s (I think) on the a350

It’s real… the devs said so…

Ok I’m probably mistaken I am bid noob

Nope. If only this community had 6k people active with like tons more on the IF. sarcasm detected

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