The new Boeing 737 MAX 10!

Boeing has officially announced that they are launching the 737 MAX 10 at the Paris air show. The customers will be revealed during the show. Take a look at the article for some more detail. What do you guys think about this aircraft? I think it will be amazing!


Also, I wanted to share Boeing’s new video on the Boeing 737 MAX 10 with everyone.


I think this will be an excellent aircraft. Will be quite successful


Looks good! Like the 737 Max 8, I think it’ll keep them competitive against the NEOs.

Not necessarily better, or worse than the NEOs, but generally on par and good enough to get a lot of sales and $$$$ profits.

747 program aside, Boeing is looking very competitive at the moment. I hope this means more jobs and investment in the USA.


Thomson/Tui will be first European operator after converting 18 max 8 orders to max 10.


Will it replace 757?

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Nothing really replaces a 757. However if you look at seat count, it’s close enough. 230 seats in the Max 10 single class layout, ~230 for the 757-200.

It’s a good fit for the tourist airlines like Tui, who want a 757-200 replacement and already have 737s in the fleet.

The downsides versus the 757 are the lack of range (although hardly any airlines operate 757s right to the limit of their range), and short field performance. If neither of these are show stoppers, then it’s a good alternative, as is the A321 NEO.


Unfortunately, The news report is only limited for those who subscribe FlightGlobal. But anyway, I’m looking forward for this aircraft. I wish an Indonesian carrier might be interested with this aircraft ;)

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Looks totally amazing, and I’m surprised that it has already orders. Looking forward to see it in service!

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I thought those 240 firms are 737MAX firms in total? I’m surprised if an airline has signed their interest.


A link which everyone can access

Looks like a beautiful aircraft!

I think Airbus’ comment about the Max 10 is true. This is simply a direct competitor with the Max 9. I think all airlines should just convert there orders and buy the Max 10. This doesn’t solve the gap created by the A321Neo and A321NeoLR. But still a good looking aircraft.

6 Customers ordered MAX 10 as of now


They might not get many customers for the MAX 10, a lot of airlines bought 321NEO’s

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@Snow_Cone this is just an assumption that you are making with limited to no actual evidence or proof. Let it play out and see what happens after the Paris Show before you have to swallow your words.

The total for the 737 MAX is bigger than that, lol.

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Love it, I hope that United airlines buys these, Hawaiian airlines should to.

We need this in infinite flight

I’m so exited about this aircraft! It will hopefully help Boeing reclaim sales from the Airbus A321.

Well given that there are 1,400 orders of A321NEO’s versus the 240 orders for the MAX 10, and the 321NEO is already in service, the MAX 10 will enter service at around 2020. By that time there will be a lot of A321NEO’s in service, so it’ll be a bit of a problem given airlines are trying to get rid of their 757’s right now. They need an aircraft to replace them now, not starting retirement at 2020 but now. I’d say that is a bit of evidence to back up my assumption.

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