The New Air Force One: Flying Fortress

The New Air Force One: Flying Fortress
Did Infinite Flight contribute?

The question is, did Infinite Flight contribute models to this documentary?

The National Geo channel has launched a new documentary today that looks at the overhaul of the two presidential planes, exploring the cutting-edge technology that transforms them into secure command centres.

Can’t deny there haven’t been a few teases of this (potential) Easter egg from our very own Laura, on Twitter…

Photo credits Sky TV, Nat Geo HD

SO… what we saying?


hmmm, I always thought the new AF1 livery was only a design proposal by Trump, but now that Biden is in I would assume he keeps the normal AF1 livery.

They did have a part in the filming of this National Geographic episode!

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That looks very similar to a camera angle that’s used in IF! Also just the texture (I think) looks very similar to what they look like in IF.

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