The networks and servers are terrible

Why can’t I be a ATC? It doesn’t connect every time.
The Internet is good. Storage is also
What’s the solution?
It’s too bad
Is it really to change the phone to solve it?

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Your photo didn’t upload completely. And what do you mean by supervisor?

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It’s about network and server issues.
When the Internet was good, I couldn’t get into the game and I couldn’t be ATC.
Like this.

I think some one else is controller
Only that is what happens

It will show obs normally if someone else is there.

What do you mean by supervisor??

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I think he means observer. You know when you try to control and airport but someone else loads in before you. Then when you get in, it will say observer.

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He probably got that mixed up with supervisor.

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And why is this a support request?

I think my problem has been solved, thank you!:)