The Near Miss Departure

I had left an amazing departure on the expert from KLAX to LFPG during the event there, and I experienced a syncronized takeoff with a 738 of Southwest on the northern runways of the field.
I felt first confused of the situation before suscess to procced on course.
shots from replay and
! all shots here are submited to right author !

ps:Where can I submite some shots for IF loading background or even IF LiiveTrack ?

easy takeoff as usual with alot of presences, busy airport

And here was the center of my attention a that moment, we took off simultanemously

As ordered, runway heading until 2000’ for both of us

Here was my first attemp wich failed, we were at the same altuitude, so I went back to my recent heading to take altitude on him, we were at more than 4000’ at that point.

and then, less than 3 mins later, both stil on the same heading, looks like he slowed his climb (with careful eyes on my map/radar).
So I took my chance to passes him as you can see, my altitude here was high enough to go

by the end, I was “clear of conflict” with a separation on 1300’ .

this was really amazing