The NASA Super Guppy

I thought this aircraft would be a good addition to infinite flight because it can carry cargo and it is another plane that is part of NASA. This doesn’t have to be added soon I’m just throwing out ideas

Picture credits to Wikipedia

A lot of people is going to be trolling in that lol


Yeah I noticed that with the dreamlifter topic too


Awwww it’s so cute!

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Weird plane indeed. I watched a documentary on this a bit back and it truly a one of a kind plane. It’s model is definitely unique. It’ll be almost impossible to get data that is accurate for this aircraft at least I would think for Infinite Flight let alone any flight sim.

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I actually like this plane a lot. Not that I am a Super Guppy fan.

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Saw this baby last year at Peterson AFB. Came to pickup an broken T-38. The size of this bird alone was impressive. No votes but I do support.


I used to see it at ELP a lot on the occasions we stopped for fuel there. NASA has a facility there that is close to the FBO that the Navy/govt had a fuel contract with.

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Could you imagine tapping open (whatever that compartment is officially called) at a gate and watching it open. Would be pretty cool.


Just stay away from any and all crosswinds

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These guys are currently looking for ground ops

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Dang you can fit 3 Houses in that thing

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i mean, of all 3 huge cargo aircraft, Airbus Beluga (XL), Boeing Dreamlifter or the NASA superguppy, id rather have the Airbus Beluga because it looks way sleeker, the Boeing Dreamlifter is a no-go for me, but this, pretty interesting, quad prop cargo aircraft used to transport rocket parts, i would vote but i dont have any left :(

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