The narrowest and widest runways in infinite flight?

In the current update 21.6 I was just on regular flight in game and saw this peculiar airport and decided to check it out, since the 737-900 is such an amazing stopper in game I landed with ease and saw that there was 2 runways a extremely wide one and a extemely narrow one as in the picture is this a known glitch because I’m assuming no aircraft is properly going to fit on these runways. BTW the airport is near Denver and called 11V. Edit don’t worry about my extremely low fuel I was just doing random stuff to spice up my flight.


Nope. It’s not a glitch. This airport has not been edited; therefore, its runway dimensions have not been updated.

In Infinite Flight, Runway 8/26 is 4096ft x 25ft, while in real life, it’s 4000ft x 25ft. Runway 14/32 is 2526ft x 650ft. In real life, it’s 2400ft x 65ft.

When the airport is edited, this will be corrected.

This airport isn’t meant for commercial traffic, so, of course, a B739 won’t fit.


Yeah it was just the plane I was using at the time thanks for the info though!

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