The Myth of becoming an advanced ATC controller


After about 8 months of trying to become an advanced ATC controller, I have come to the conclusion that it is a giant myth. To back that up Im going to post my PM’s with the characters involved in this dubious process. The first character I contacted was Tyler Shelton, no reply. Actually I contacted him about three times and never even got a thanks foe contacting me message. I tried contacting most everyone on the list he provided in his post. No responses from any of them. Then it seemed I got a break when I finally got someone to respond, an 18 y.o. who also just stopped replying, fir what I don’t know. Check the messages below. As you have read, he mentioned yet another character to contact. Which I did, repetitively and still no response. So I am making it all very public and am going to ask, What the heck is going on?


Not necessary to show pictures of PM’s. Just tag them publicly and tell them the situation. @Tyler_Shelton @John_Preston21 @Tom_Grollman, etc…


Hey buddy I feel your pain I was in your shoes. @jreilly2311 @Tom_Grollman @MishaCamp can we give him a chance?


Oh I hate when people beat me to the punch :)


erm, it was Misha Camp that I was referring to. AND…
It was Preston who he ‘supposedly’ handed the process over too, and who, like Tyler, just refuses to respond to my messages. Would you like the actual messages?


No no need for the actual messages as Sean said just be patient and keep working at it. We have now tagged all recruiters and I’m sure one of them will help you if you need input you can message me anytime and I can do some pattern work for you.


8 months wow… I would love to be under your control in your airspace on advanced lol


Thanks, I will leave it there then, and, wait a while longer. By then the time stamps on those messages will put this into the worthy of public attention folder. As those named will no doubt read this, Hi Tyler, thanks for the no replies, I thought you were at war somewhere so couldn’t get back to me then just forgot - an assumption made based on your uniform. So kinda forgivable. Hi Mish, yep still waiting!!! Remember the very first sentence I wrote to you? Go read again, nothing has changed. Hi Preston, thought you might like to know Ive flown around the world, literally, in the time it has taken you to answer a simple email - AND this is after being asked, ‘allegedly’, by Misha -oh, wait, you still haven’t replied! Hope you don’t leave aircraft hanging in the air like that. And before any of you get all bent out of shape over this, Ive been polite, cordial, respectful, patient, even pleasant. So I find this situation and subsequent ‘lack’ of correspondence simply rude; to say the least. Thanks guys…


You think? I could have gotten a dozen real ATC tickets in this time frame; actually, I did! I got senior ATC at three airports on the ATC4 real app. Lol!


That won’t get you anywhere man mutual respect being the bigger person is hard but has to be done. That frustration is better suited for a private message.


I get it. But you said it, not me, ‘mutual’ respect. So far its been a fairly one way street, and to be honest I’m just plain over the lack of ‘anything’ on this issue. Heck I even ran Sydney airport half a dozen times LIVE using a this forum to coordinate multiple ATC’s and provide live updates and coms. I have a pretty solid reputation, all of which can be checked in here, so, please don’t get me wrong. I am not discontinuing my respect, I am simply asking for some in return. And asking people to reply to emails is basic and I imagine common courtesy. No?


Misha Camp is no longer dealing with ATC Recruitment. Also, Tyler Shelton is a very busy person trust me, us Advanced Controllers barely see or talk to him, he always doing something dealing with IF.


No offence but I was working with Misha right up to when he handed me over to Preston, and, to be honest, I did appreciate his helping me, but felt a little ‘left in the wind’ so to speak when he bailed. In all fairness, I will admit the Preston just contacted me, so, hopefully, things can get fast tracked from here on in.


@Snarling_Raven I was in the same pair of pants, some recruiters have there messengers set to go into a junk spot because they get so many messages.
Hope to see you as Advanced Controller Soon!
Good Luck


Calling Tyler or any other recruiter out isn’t the best way to go about things…being able to control is only a portion of being an advanced ATC. I’m sure you’ve been contacted by now, however, pm me if you haven’t been and I’ll be glad to get a test set up. Hopefully you’ve been practicing the last 8 months!


@ZachCurrin Does that mean even if the msg “view” number show up still could be ended in spam?


ATC was released just 5 months ago…

8 months? What are you talking about?


Type O, I meant to say 5. Im typing on the go. My bad…


Actually I meant to say, " for several months ", but went for the 5 key. Got the 8 instead. Still, point I made is correct


Thanks. I wasn’t calling anyone out, I was preparing to. Hence the post. Had I gone ahead and cut n pasted the actual messages, making them public, then I would have been guilty of ‘calling them out’. You have to keep in mind, Ive done everything humanly posible to date with no response. Also, considering that I just got contacted, finally, means that doing what I did got more done and quicker, than had I continued to simply wait in vain. So I guess it was infact the right call in this particular situation.