The mystery plane

Does anyone know what is going on with this plane? I was taking photos and the plane has writing on the side that looks to be Hindi? Its doing a transatlantic routing from Buffalo and I want to find out cause its kind of stumped me.


A friends just got back to me because his Dad is from India he said its a plane owned by Madhya Pradesh Goverment. Weird why it was in buffalo of all places

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Was about to type that this plane is owned by the government in Madhya Pradesh but equally bamboozled as to what it’s doing in Buffalo 🧐


Maybe it’s being sold? Are there any King Air operators out there? Maybe a private company?

Also, why would it have an FAA registration if it’s owned by the Indian government?

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Maybe it was reregistered and is getting repainted later.

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Its likely it was sold to a company here in the states. If you look closely, the N number has a white background that is more white than the rest of the fuselage. The paint doesn’t match which is an indication of a newly registered aircraft. Here’s one that I took of a Global Express that came from China to the states on a delivery flight for its new owner. Its a bit easier here to see the brighter white N number


Ah yes I see it now, Good Catch!

Good catch, I’m just not sure why its been registered again but without a paint job. But your answers seems the most plausible. I’m going to find a spreadsheet of Beechking Air’s and see if anything is odd

I’m sure after some time the new owner will have it repainted so that the registration isn’t as off set as what I’ve explained. But now you guys will have this information when looking at newly registered aircraft. 😎


I might have an answer now…

The FAA has all N- registerd aircraft on thier website and according to that it turns out the aircraft was built in 2020 and is owned by Textron Aviation who works with Beechcraft. So they registerd it in the USA in the livery the Indian Government wanted for test flights?

Because its been ordered by them because there is an article from the Economic Indian Times said “The Kamal Nath government has now decided to sell the sole aircraft and two choppers that the state government owns and to buy a new seven-seater aircraft” and the King Air has max capacity for 10 and they’ve just put less seats in.

Its alot of guesses I’ve done but its in Zurich now Mabye they wanted IFATC and it may end up in India. Thank your for the Idea DeerCrusher, Anshul, Alec and NathanD that got the brain turning with the idea when I find out I’ll post here but its a mystery till then. 🤔

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