The mysterious green star

Every time I land at any airport I find a green star which spins.I am so curious as to what it is and I have tried everything to identify it.I’ve stopped my plane on top of it.Gone through the star but nothing seems to happen.Tell me about what you lot think it is or what it actually is.

How did you get your autopilot options on the right side? And to answer the question, That light only appears at sunrise, sunset, and night. It is an airport light that should alternate from green to white.

Is it a PAPI light used for landing?

I play on a Samsung s3.I think on tablets,I PADS or any other big devices the auto pilot buttons pile on top of each other on the right I think.

Yea thats why, I use an iPad.

No, it’s not a PAPI. It shows where hanger is or something like that…I forget what is called exactly. I remember Matt talking about it. It’s like that light that is sometimes on ATC towers.

What does PAPI mean

Precision Approach Path Indicator, it consists of 4 lights on the left and or right side of the runway. They are colored red or white. 2 red and 2 white means you are on the glide slope profile. 3 red 1 white or 4 red and 0 white means you are to low. 3 white 1 red or 4 whites 0 red means you are to high.


Ipod, Iphone Smartphone

It is the airfield beacon

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This is where is is, look top left, KPIA (Chicago) Spawn at Gate 1 Main Terminal. It will be on your left. Not visible during day time.

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That’s it! Lol I couldn’t think of the name for the life of me.

Yea, it appears like that on Apple devices I think, it’s like that for me