The Mysterious Concourse D of STL

Correction, only 80% copied. I added in the part about checking his stats 😂

My mistake I should have known 😂 but still well played.

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Why spend taxpayer money to renovate a concourse that isn’t needed/in use?

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That concourse is kinda spooky. I would expect a horror film to shot there.

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Lol walking through and thinking one of two things: 1) either you are dreaming or 2) the zombie apocalypse has happened. That would be a fun scene for a zombie invasion in a movie.

When discussing St. Louis’s population, it’s important to be precise in what you mean.

If you’re talking about St. Louis City proper, yes, it’s a tiny geographical percentage of the metropolitan area and has lost almost its entire tax base.

However, St. Louis, as in the Greater Metropolitan Area, is not in population decline, so the population serviced by the airport isn’t the issue. Everyone just lives in suburban sprawl.

The issue is that the City owns the airport, and no one actually lives in the City, itself. They live in St. Louis, St. Charles, Jefferson, etc. Counties.

With the dysfunction between St. Louis City and County governance, the chances of coming to terms on an operational budget which would lead to growth of the airport isn’t in the near future. Essentially, everyone who uses the airport lives outside of the area which owns and operates it, though the airport isn’t even located in the city.

Haha lol. I went to the end of the concourse and there was this guy who was looking at me like I was crazy. The weird thing was on my return flight, after I came out of the gate (it was right next to my departure one) the area was roped off. Before it was just a “closed beyond this point” sign, but I could still go up the the gate thing. Maybe someone saw me…

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No, in concourse E there is a gate where you can see into it, and in concourse C (on the other side) its completely walled off. It’s really creepy because its just the moving walkway going straight into a wall! There’s also a couple of gates in C that are old and creepy, too. I think C31 is one of them, and it has this escalator leading into darkness…

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STL is actually my Hometown and i always thought what was going on with those gates

you know thats my Home

You must not be old enough to remember the heyday of TWA.

no im not old enough i didnt even know that they flew there

Man that sounds creepy. Perfect place for a horror movie.

Back in my youth, they certainly did. Even the first name for the Rams’ dome was the TWA Dome.

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Huh. I never knew that.

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