The Mysterious Concourse D of STL

Hello everyone,
I was recently traveling through St. Louis (this was the same time when I spotted the Condor 767) and before being at the airport, I was very interested in something: The history of STL. I’m not going to get to in depth, but you can read more Here. TWA had a very large presence in STL up until the late 90’s until they went bankrupt.

After American bought TWA, they decided to make STL a relief hub for Chicago. Well, that didn’t last long. Today American only had a few destinations out of STL. The only thing that really keeps the airport alive today is Southwest, and the only thing that really keeps it an International airport is Air Canada Express and Frontier with flights to CUN. Long story short, TWA went bankrupt, STL became virtually deserted after a few years, and it deserted Concourse B and D with it. Concourse D is what I’m mainly focused on here. It hasn’t really been used except for a few years ago when the airport temporarily used it during remodeling of other concourses. Today, it would need a large remodel in order to be used due to its outdatedness, lack of jet bridges, etc. Now, I think you’ll see what I mean by “mysterious” when you see these pictures. These first are not mine. They are from online and from this website that claims the concourse is haunted.


I think you get the point, but kinda creepy, right?
Here are mine:

My flight was departing from gate E31, one of the new ones right next to the D concourse. Anyway, I just think this is an interesting topic. Sorry if it was boring…
P.s., if you are interested in this, a similar topic is Concourse A at MSY. It’s very similar.


This is just a bit creepy that this concourse is deserted. Very weird they didn’t try to renovate it.


My home airport. Depresses me everytime. What could have been. Should be a hub (where would you want a hub…smack in the middle of the country).



Very interesting. I am sure if they renovate the concourse, more airlines would be attracted to STL


Very intresting! KDTW also has a terminal similar to this… it’s the L.C. Smith Terminal. They use the space to store the Boeing 747-400 that goes I believe on a one or two day service to NRT. All other days it just sits in that terminal if it doesn’t need maintenance.

NGO is now served with an A332 4 times a week, and I never really see anything over at Smith when I visit.

Adding to the list of similar terminals is KBDL’s Terminal B, which was recently demolished. They’re supposedly going to build a new terminal, but so far it looks like a remote stand area for WN. Before being demolished, B saw AA fly out there, and looked almost as much as a time relic as STL’s Concourse D.

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My bad, I meant NRT… Next time I go over to DTW, I’ll try to get a picture… I live in the area. How many times have you been to DTW?

I saw concorse D when I was at St. Louis int’l very creepy

Cnt believe u actually had the balls to take photos of this…

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I go every 2-3 months to spot and to make connections. I’ve been to the city once, but that’s about it.

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Swa is taking over stl. D is my favorite place to use the restroom. Ahem.

Terminal 1 tsa is a ghost town on holidays

Terminal 1 TSA is a ghost town after about 5 pm every day.

Also, I’m pretty sure Concourse A only has one ground crew. Every time I land there after dark we have to wait for them to come out from their poker game and wave us in (this is weekly, so not a one-time thing).

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Lol. Oh, I believe it.

I think I just found a great hub airport if I ever choose to own and run an airline. Perfect, cheap, unused terminals. I’m serious, do not think that I am kidding. I have dibs too.

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Do they allow people to explore the whole terminal? This is really saddening…I hate seeing parts of an airport unused and when it’s an entire Concorde it makes it even worse. :/


This terminal is closed off by the C concorse.

To make a long history short, STL’s population has been in decline, thus lowering the demand for air travelers. As a result, routes there aren’t as profitable, meaning less airlines have an interest in flying there. It’s just that, well…I don’t think there are even any airlines that would want to use it.

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Not necessarily true, STL’s passenger rate has increased rapidly since 2015. Almost a 5% increase every year. I highly suggest you take a look at the facts before you post something :)

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I was talking more about overall, it’s population went from 700,000 to 350,000 in the last 30 years. Since 1985, it went from 20 million passengers to 14 million. Why don’t you check your stats :)


You copied that right from the website itself nicely played ;)