The Mysterious Concourse D of STL Part 2

Read this topic first (part one) if you haven’t already.

Hello everyone,
Since last time I travelled through STL (March 2017), Southwest has grown at Lambert, as they always are. Southwest occupies all of Concourse E, but is slowly pushing into Concourse D.
Technically, SWA hasn’t actually grown into Concourse D, but they have expanded into the abandoned areas of Concourse E. Now, they’ve taken up the rest of that Concourse. Lambert opened a new section to the terminal, and it just so happens that my flight was leaving from one of the new gates. Here’s before the renovation.

And here’s after.

Here’s what the end of this area looks like if you were wondering

It was really interesting to be in an area that was once completely abandoned at Lambert, and once used by TWA. Leave your thoughts below!

Also sorry this was short, this was just kinda a follow up to the last one.


It’s nice to see that area occupied again and not left for ruin as an eye sore!

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I remember walking through that concourse when I was there
Very spooky!!👻👻

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This being an airport I fly in and out of a lot, it is truly sad that you used to be able to fly to Europe and all over the world direct. My dad was actually on a TWA flight when the government approved the merger, he says during takeoff they said “thank you for choosing TWA” and when they landed they said “thank you for flying with American Airlines” truly a shame that it is gone.

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