The mysterious B737-200 in Bali, Indonesia.

So there’s this plane.

Looks normal, right?
It’s not.
This is a Boeing 737-200 located on the island of Bali in Indonesia, more specifically (-8.831967, 115.187665), it is one of the biggest aviation mysteries. How did it get there? Why is it there? Who owns this plane?
Records show that this plane was originally delivered to Arkia-Israeli Airlines as 4X-BAC in 1983, it was leased to Dan-Air London a couple of times, before being sold to Madala Airlines in 1993. The record of this aircraft ends there.

This plane first appeared in 2008, it has been there since then. It was said that this plane was going to be a restaurant, but the owner ran out of money. However, who is the owner anyways?
Also, here’s a picture of a retired Boeing 737 being transported on the road.
It’s pretty big!
How does something so big gets to a busy rock quarry near a major road UNNOTICED? (Nobody claims to have seen this aircraft being transported). It is also weirdly in one piece, since planes are often taken apart for transportation.
The third thing is what I find the weirdest: The overwing exit. Why is it so big? It is almost like it is a normal doooe insdead of a emergency exit, how did that come to be?
Anyways, what’s your opinion on this? Let me know!


Seems pretty mysterious.

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This is so weired, also what’s up with the full sized door over the wing?


I believe this plane was bought by someone, and that person was going to use it for something, but never did.

I don’t know if thats true, but I have heard it a couple times.

But who is that person? How did it get there unnoticed? What’s up with the full size door?

Again, I do not know much about it, I have just heard rumors ;/

Also what full size door?

Well, you have convinced me to investigate this. I’ll report back any info I’ve found :)

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See the first photo over the wing

Oh, you mean the outline of the larger door around thee small one? Yeah that is strange idk.

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In my opinion, This seems like a local airline that has operated this aircraft, so it’s not torn apart. But it can be intentional to display or crew training (?) / For public?😉

@Jonathan_limento any idea?

Well, if it is unclaimed. I want to claim it! :D


Already found some info. Locals said that they were gonna concert the bird into a restaurant, but it never happened.

Edit: apparently theirs an abandoned 737-300 about 8kms away from it, ironic eh?

Edit 2: apparently this rumor is not just from this source, They also say it was supposed to be a restaurant, so at least it’s not an urban legend, I think.

Old Boeing’s used to have full size overwing exits doesn’t look too special.


Witch ones? I’ve never seen a 737-200 with those doors.

I think that is unlikely. The whole area is guarded and crossed off. You can pay them a quarter to get to see the plane on the top of the hill, but even 100 dollars wouldn’t let them let you in.


Not trying to start a conspiracy theory or anything, but plot twist this is acually FDS’s secret lab, where right now, Laura and Mark and the whole gang are testing the new re-works and the TBM. They may claim that they live around the world, but they actually live in Indonesia. jk 😂😂 Oh and Chris S and Levet are the security guards.


New PM from Laura. Title: delete that post


Yes, 732’s don’t really have that the airline might have modified the plane for First Class. Or if it was a private owner they could have modified that for bedroom etc.

That is what I think.

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Very interesting. Now you have me doing research haha

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Wow, haven’t seen that beast in a while, I used to live about 3 minuets from it, had a closer look at it under the cover of night. From what I remember there are 2 other 737-200s on the island.

Also, they somehow got the back half of a
DC-10 on top of a building
Pics from here
And here

Any questions I might be able to answer them…