The MSA On The Map

What is the MSA?
The MSA is the minimum safety altitude. It’s honestly quite self explanatory: it is the minimum altitude that you can safely deescend too or climb too in the case of a missed approach, whilst keeping separated from any terrain.

We use to have terrain displayed on the map, with higher terrain coloured in on the map. I’m not requesting that we can see terrain on the map, although that might be useful too. What I am requesting is that we can see the MSA for the area. It could ever be displayed on an info page when you tap on an area, or depicted on the map. I’m thinking the devs might be able to find the data in the same way they have found the procedures, possibly… 🤔 from NavBlue…

Let me know what you think down there 👇🏼and if you think it is a good idea, vote for it, by smashing that big blue button up there! 👆🏼

please don’t actually smash it. I’m not responsible for any broken screens 🤪

Sounds like a good idea but sadly I dont have any more votes but hope this gets added!!

Blake from USA_ATC

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