The Mountains of the Southern Alps to a Sunset in Singapore


Last night I flew a route that I’ve been wanting to for a long time (I feel like I say that a lot lol), Christchurch to Singapore. I want to fly Christchurch to Hong Kong, but the timing doesn’t work for me living on the East Coast of the US, unless I want to land at 4 AM, which I really don’t. Christchurch has a surprisingly big airport, it accommodates 787s for Air New Zealand, A350s for Singapore and Cathay Pacific and even an A380 from Emirates. I took off from Christchurch at 3 PM (NZ time) and flew Northwest over Australia, Southeast Asia and arrived in Singapore at sunset. I had to wake up at 5:30 AM to land, but it was worth it. I didn’t think I would have this post today because of issues loading scenery in replay mode, but I figured it out. My flight time was 8 hours 58 minutes
Thanks @schyllberg for helping with the scenery issue and thanks @Tajay and @Speedyyy for willing to load in at Christchurch.

Flight Details

Christchurch to Singapore
Singapore 297 Heavy
Airbus A350-900

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Rotating out of Christchurch as @tajay sits at the gate Gear up on a sunny, Summer afternoon The amazing views over Lees Valley, New Zealand Looking out of the window to see this would be amazing We were only over New Zealand for 11 minutes before flying over the Pacific Ocean on a straight line toward Brisbane, so we really had to enjoy the views of the Southern Alps
After 2 hours over water and a little time off the Northeast Coast of Australia we overfly the deserts of Queensland The Pacific mountains of Timor Leste. And I’m going to be honest, I have never heard of that place One of the best things about flying West is that the sun seems to set for ever, as we descend through 20,000 feet toward Singapore The gear go down on a beautiful approach into Singapore Glowing through the setting sun as we touch down in Singapore!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

And I’ll see you guys tomorrow:)


offical wallpaper


Those are some beautiful screenshots of a beautiful aircraft! Keep up the good work!

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This is one of my favorite routes and it was in the Top 5 A350 routes blog post about a month ago. Thanks for doing it justice with these incredible photos!

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Mother of nature.!.!.!. That 8th pic is gorgeous

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All of these photos are amazing, but i really love this one, great job!


Awesome to see Christchurch getting a bit of attention, usually it’s just Auckland! Spotted this flight irl a little while back and got some really cool shots :)

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Stunning shots as always! Especially love the desert and mountain shots, but the A350 looks stunning from every angle you shared!

This one is probably my favourite though, as, even though it’s quite simplistic, the A350 simply looks great!

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Great pictures as always. keep it up

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Beautiful pictures, I feel they are always a lot more interesting with a variety in the scenery.

Beautiful country and wonderful people.

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I hope it looks good!

Thanks! I’ll try :)

I didn’t see it on the blog, but it definitely deserved to be there, it’s an awesome flight

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Thank you! The sunset was awesome shining off the fuselage

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Did you make a topic with those pictures?

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Thanks as always! The A350 is such a sleek and amazing plane

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Thank youuuu!!!

It looks like it has really nice scenery too!

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What a beautiful pic! Love all the scenery!

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Turkey is! And with the right photographer it can be an absolute stunner (as shown above by you)!

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