The Mountains of Patagonia

While having some fun in South America on solo, I decided to swing by the iconic mountains of Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy (as seen on the logo of the Patagonia brand), located in the Patagonia region of Argentina.

Route, should anyone want to find these: The nearest airport is in El Calafate (SAWC). Immediately after take off, turn to a heading of 315. Maintain this heading for about 70 miles. At this point, you should be over or near a second large lake (not the one next to the departure airport). There is a bay in the NW corner of this lake. Just NE of the northern tip of the bay is a valley and a river, which if you follow to the NW you end up in the town below the mountains (El Chaltén), leaving great photo ops.

This photo shows the whole area, with Fitz Roy circles on the right and Cerro Torre circles on the left. The town of El Chaltén is in the front, with my rough-field landed F-14 all the way in the foreground.

This other photo was taken from farther SE on the road out of town, in an attempt to replicate the angle of an actual photo (below) to show how far IF has come on its realism.

Happy flying!


Whooa cool! Add on some clouds that should come eventually and it will look even better!


That’s really cool! Have you looked at Torres del Paine yet?

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Awesome 😎😎😎

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No, haven’t had the chance. Do plan on flying around there in a TBM though.

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Oh yeah, for sure. I don’t know if that weather cycle could be added, it changes every 5 minutes there 😂