The Mountains Of Montana To The Nicest Sunset In Portland

Hey all! Yesterday I flew for ASVA and had a wonderful sunset and flight, the Dash 8 is truly one of the most fun aircraft to fly. Enjoy the Pics!

At the gate in MSO.


Cruise over our quick portion of the flight in Idaho

The Sun starts to set as we start our descent

Here is a shot of the sunset from the cockpit

The sun keeps slipping away as we get closer to Portland

We turn onto final and get the reflection of the sun off of the aircraft

Another shot from the cockpit, this time on final

Touchdown with a smooth landing!

And we make our way to the gate to offload passengers.

I hope you guys enjoyed! If you don’t mind tell me what pics you liked best in the poll below!

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love the pictures, I like the change with the editing, more simple, quite a few of the screenshots topics are way too over edited but this one is just right

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Pretty cool! The last few are nice though with the sunsets and the mountains.

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Sharing the Eskimo spirit! The Q400 is a great aircraft.

Thank you @infiniteflight_17 @Mr-plane-guy1 and @Aero!


Love these pictures, some really nice angles. With some of them, you might want to look to crop them a bit more, but other than that these are great. Look forward to seeing more from you :)

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Yeah, now that I look back at them I see what you are talking about, thanks so much!

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