The Mountain with two faces

On May 18, 1980 Mount St. Helens erupted spewing ash into the atmosphere and drastically altering the landscape around it. The eruption was so great it completely blew the north side of the volcano off. Much of the debris slid down the mountain into the landscape. Some of the debris slid into Spirit Lake causing a tsunami over 100 feet tall. Today I will show you the aftermath 39 years later.
I flew a TBM on casual and toured the volcano and its surroundings

A beautiful south side of the volcano.

Two sides of the mountain

A view from within

A lahar/volcanic mudflow from the eruption

The full scale of devastation

A lahar travels from the slope

One part horror and one part beauty

Leaving the mountain


Amazing post! So cool that you can still see the impact of the blast today. Thanks for sharing this!


While those photos look great, please do remember next time to post real life pictures such as the above highly detailed amazing shots in the #real life categories, so as to not clutter the forum. Reserve this thread for in-game IF sceneries only please!

Kiddiiing! No waay, those look too real man, one of the BEST Infinite Flight pics ever!! I wish I could give two likes!! Thanks for sharing! :D


Nice! Like these pictures as they are interesting and informative.

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Awesome post and photos - love it!

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I remember watching about this once on YouTube. Great photos Kate!

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Yeah I was really amazed by how much detail there was from the aftermath of the eruption. It was really great to explore that area.