The most weird thing to wake up to

So last night I wanted to fly a flight over night. I decided to go EGLL-CYYZ in a 772. I was over Atlantic track I thinnkkk z, (the one that goes west). I fell asleep all is good, cruising at 38,000 MSL. I ended up waking up in the middle of the night for idk what reason, and I woke up to being basically inside another 777, also there was only like 3 people on the track ( in my visibility) so I have no idea how this happened but it’s cool ig. He was headed to Boston Logan, also if you see this message me lol.

Aircraft: 777-200Er
Airline: British Airways
Server: training
Time: I’m sorry I have no idea at all


Here is your problem. 😂


He probably came over to have some tea and Crumpets with you!


Agreed lol

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I remember doing schoolwork while flying to Bangkok in a SQ B787. I was already at Cruising Altitude, there was 1 hour remaining, everything seemed good. I left it aside to fly while I went to do my schoolwork, when suddenly about 30 mins later I went to check again, my aircraft was flying on a inaccurate heading the whole time and my mind went “oh crap” and I went to quickly adjust the autopilot. Lolz I managed to still ace this flight!

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lol, I remember once I was doing Brussels to Leige on 777F, I forgot about the flight and slept, woke up somewhere over Himalayas -_-

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