The Most Unsafe airline!

Most Unsafe Airlines

I made this topic for the community to discuss about what they think is the world’s worst airline regarding safety.
There are many things that can add up to make an airline unsafe, and many that can make an airline safe.
It is important for an airline to be safe because the passengers that pay for the flight deserve the best safety possible, furthermore nobody deserves to suffer an accident because of money saving.
Usually it is low cost airlines that have the most accident because they require little payment therefore their safety, service, aircraft and pilots training decrease.

My Oppinion
In my opinion, some low cost airline are unsafe because of the pricing, if the ticket requires less payment, every aspect of the airline quality will go down due to lack of money. There are some good low cost airlines that are fairly safe but I don’t think that there is any low cost airline safer than a big airline like Qantas, BA, Cathay Pacific, etc…
If an airline requires more payment, I think it is worth it to pay the extra fee to feel safer, I am not saying that ALL low cost airlines are bad but I would usually feel safer on a bugger airline.
Daily mail’s opinionRanking of world's most dangerous airlines includes troubled AirAsia | Daily Mail Online
The daily mail thinks that the worst airlines regarding safety are as follows:

  • Air Bagan - Myanmar
    Air India Express - India
    AirAsia Malaysia - Malaysia
    AirAsia Indonesia - Indonesia
    AirAsia Zest - Philippines
    Airlines PNG - Papua New Guinea
    ASKY Airlines - West Africa conglomerate
    Avia Traffic Company - Kyrgyzstan
    Blue Wing - Suriname
    Camair-Co - Camaroon
    Cambodia Angkor Air - Cambodia
    Daallo Airlines - Dubai
    Drukair Royal Bhutan - Bhutan
    Fastjet - Tanzania
    fly540 - Kenya
    Garuda Indonesia - Indonesia
    Iraqi Airways - Iraq
    JetStar Pacific - Vietnam
    Lao Airlines - Laos
    Maldivian - Maldives
    Maldivian Air Taxi - Maldives
    Mega Maldives - Maldives
    Moldavian Airlines - Moldova
    Nauru Airlines - Republic of Nauru
    Polynesian Airlines - Samoa
    Rwand Air - Rwanda
    Somon Air - Tajikistan
    Sriwijaya Air - Indonesia
    TAAG Angola Airlines - Angola
    Tajik Air - Tajikistan
    Trans Maldivian Airways - Maldives
    VietJet Air - Vietnam
    Wings Air - Indonesia
    Xpress Air - Indonesia
    Yeti Airlines - Nepal
    Shaheen Air
    They think that some bigger airlines can also be deadly even thought they cost more than the low costing airlines. According to them, Malaysia Airlines is one of these examples because of flight MH370 which wasn’t found in 2014.
    I think anything can happen, even though you have a lower risk when you go on a higher costing airline, anything can happen.

Read more: Ranking of world's most dangerous airlines includes troubled AirAsia | Daily Mail Online

**According to, Lion air is the worlds most unsafe airline, they have many points towards their argument. If you would like to find out more about why Lion air is the worst, here is a link to talking about lion air.
there is a video to watch that talks more in depth about the argument.
If we take my method in assessing the airline’s safety (lionAir) it would also turn out to be a not so trustworthy airline to fly.
My arguments against Lion Air are:

  • They have had MANY incidents in the past.
  • They don’t provide as much training to pilots as a norma airline would.
  • In the past years, they have had every outdated fleet although they are starting to renew their fleet in these days.
Their retired fleet

FleetTotal_ operated__________Retired

  1. A310__________2__________2000_____________2002
  2. 737-200________2__________2001_____________2002
  3. 737-400_______10__________2004_____________Jan 2015
  4. 747-400________2__________2009_____________March 2016
  5. MacDonnel____17__________N/A______________N/A
    Douglas MD-82
  6. MacDonnel_____5__________2001_____________March 2012
  7. Yakovlev_______5__________2001_____________2002

[details=Their Current Fleet]


As you can see from the parts above, at around 2015 and under, they had very outdated fleet, but nowadays they have started to replace their fleet by newer ones.


On 14 January 2002, Lion Air Flight 386, a Boeing 737-200 crashed on take-off and was written off at Sultan Syarif Kasim II International Airport. Everyone on board survived.
On 30 November 2004, Lion Air Flight 538, a McDonnell Douglas MD-82, crashed in Surakarta with registration PK-LMN (c/n 49189); 25 people died.
On 4 March 2006, Lion Air Flight 8987, a McDonnell Douglas MD-82, crashed after landing at Juanda International Airport. Reverse thrust was used during landing, although the left thrust reverser was stated to be out of service. This caused the aircraft to veer to the right and skid off the runway, coming to rest about 7,000 feet (2,100 m) from the approach end of the runway. There were no fatalities, but the aircraft was badly damaged.
On 24 December 2006, Lion Air Flight 792, a Boeing 737-400, landed with an incorrect flap configuration and was not aligned with the runway. The plane landed hard and skidded along the runway causing the right main landing gear to detach, the left gear to protrude through the wing and some of the aircraft fuselage to be wrinkled. There were no fatalities, but the aircraft was written off.
On 23 February 2009, Lion Air Flight 972, a McDonnell Douglas MD-82 landed without the nose gear at Hang Nadim International Airport, Batam.
On 9 March 2009, Lion Air Flight 793, a McDonnell Douglas MD-90-30 (registration PK-LIL) ran off the runway at Soekarno–Hatta International Airport. No-one was injured.
On 2 November 2010, Lion Air Flight 712, a Boeing 737-400 (registration PK-LIQ) overran the runway on landing at Supadio Airport, Pontianak, coming to rest on its belly and sustaining damage to its nose gear. All 174 passengers and crew evacuated by the emergency slides, with few injuries.
On 13 April 2013, Lion Air Flight 904, a Boeing 737-800 (registration PK-LKS; c/n 38728) from Bandung to Denpasar with 108 people on board, crashed into the water near Denpasar/Bali while attempting to land. The aircraft’s fuselage broke into two parts. While Indonesian officials reported the aircraft crashed short of the runway, reporters and photographers from Reuters and the Associated Press indicated that the plane overshot the runway. All passengers and crew were evacuated from the aircraft and there were no fatalities.
On 6 August 2013, Lion Air Flight 892, a Boeing 737-800 (registration PK-LKH; c/n 37297) from Makassar to Gorontalo with 117 passengers and crew on board, hit a cow while landing at Jalaluddin Airport and veered off the runway. There were no injuries.
On 1 February 2014, Lion Air Flight 361, a Boeing 737-900ER (registration PK-LFH; c/n 35710), from Balikpapan Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman Airport to Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar/Bali via Juanda International Airport in Surabaya, with 222 passengers and crew on board, landed hard and bounced four times on the runway, causing a tail strike and substantial damage to the plane. There were no fatalaties, but two passengers were seriously injured and three others had minor injuries.
On 20 February 2016, Lion Air flight 263 from Balikpapan Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman Airport to Juanda International Airport in Surabaya overran the runway on landing, with no injuries. The National Transportation Safety Committee investigation into the incident found that failures in crew resource management led to improper landing procedures, and recommended that Indonesian airlines improve pilot training.
On 2 April 2017 About 300 litters fuel spilled on the tarmac at Juanda Airport in Surabaya. On board passenger’s pictures showed a tap water like dripping. Shortly after, all passengers were evacuated and the plane grounded for investigation. No casualty were reported. That same day the representative for Lion Air was summoned by the Indonesian’s Transport Ministry, to clarify and the incident. Early statement by Lion Air representative said that the leak is caused by the non-functioning safety valve and overflowed detector.

As you can see, Lion Air has had MANY recent incidents which does not boost their repuation.

If you would like to read more about Lion Air click HERE.


In my opinion, lion air definitely does not pass the safety test, this is because stye have had several incidents in the past, they only just have started renewing their fleet, they haven’t got a stable training for pilots and many more points.
They are not the best airline but they are not the worst, they have a decent fleet currently, and are ordering even more!
there are some airlines which only have 1 or 2 aircraft and they are really old.
Concluding on’s point of view, they have a much more professional assessing system for the safety of airlines therefore I would trust what they say.

What Do You Think?


Air Koryo. No doubt.


Yes, they have very outdated fleet swell

Safest: Qantas or Finnair least safest: Lion air or ditto above


Low cost Airlines being less safe is rubbish. In fact, they’re actually safer than flag carriers as they mostly have much newer fleets with only 2/3 year old aircraft. The only thing you’re paying for in flag carriers is the name and a free meal, especially with BA reducing their A319 legroom to be less than easyjet’s


I totally agree
1 even though there are different point of views, either from the airline themselves, websties and individuals.

Agree with you although there are some really bad low costs swell as being there really bad bigger airlines


You made a great point there! I have edited my topic about that.

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I flew on Lao Airlines. Lovely little airline, shame they are so unsafe apparently…


There are very different ways of assessing safety on an airline. Btw happy anniversary of joining the community!!!

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And also, yes flag carriers can spend more money on aircraft maintenance, but low cost airlines mostly don’t need to spend as much because their aircraft are so new.


Interesting that AirAsia are there. I’ve flown them and they were fine.


Good point!
There are some great low costs such as easyJet but there are some really bad ones like LaMia Airlines.

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I have flown the too, they are fine when there is no problem although the real test of a pilot is to get into a problem and being able to fix it.


And you’ve tried Air Koryo?


well they’re the world’s only one star airline


and theyre probably spending all their money expanding their nuclear capacity


Yes, that’s true. I was trying to focus more on lion air and and their thoughts.

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Hahhaah that’s probably true

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Well, from reviews I’ve seen they don’t look all that bad. Of course, they have no completion on their routes so there’s no real need for excellent services as the customers can’t choose to get there another way.