The most unrealistic route I could think of (currently)

I flew the a380 from klax-knuc pre-global lol

Wouldnt say so. Delivery flight or not?

Another one, KJFK to KEWR on a United 747, or

How about Doha to Moscow, American Airlines 757. Callsign “Speedbird 0001”.

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Not to be a party-pooper but you spelled Boeing wrong in the video’s title…

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use an a380 on a 30 min flight and land at a small airport 😂

WSSS-VHHH (Direct, only 2 waypoints)
Jetblue A321
Callsign: Swiss 396

Another one. KLAX-KONT
Qantas 717
Callsign: Southwest 101
Oh, also you have to fly inverted the entire time


Horizon Air Q400 flashbacks

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Qantas A380
Air China 52

Enjoy it

Me: 🤩🥳🤗

I flew KSAT-KAUS yesterday in the generic 787-9. 8 minute flight.

I flew the 787-9 on a 8 minute flight. KSAT-KAUS. now that’s unrealistic.