The most unrealistic route I could think of (currently)

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I recently flew from Cairo - Amsterdam for my YouTube Channel… and the only realistic one was EgyptAir 738 which I did not want to use since I wanted to use the 747… which ended up as me using a 747 on a 3 hours flight…

Which ended up as the MOST UNREALSTIC route I could think of

Anyways, I hope you will enjoy the video. It will start at 2020-08-11T09:00:00Z

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well i just did San Francisco to Nairobi 20 hours. Nothing can get more unrealistic then that.

now before I say “Great Video!” like everyone else, I’m gonna actually watch the video :)


Thank you! I mean, who uses a Boeing 747 on a 3 hour flight?


Well Thai airways does

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well, what a waste of space… but ok thanks for the info lol

I’ve seen a Korean airlines uses the 747 into Narita once (also Shanghai, Taiwan)

Adding on, Thai Airways used the 747-400 on Bangkok to Phuket, a 400-mile route that takes about 1 hour. Some of these aircraft are used on trunk routes, so the high capacity makes it economically viable. The Bangkok to Phuket route saw around 3,000,000 passengers in 2016 or 8,000 every day.


You do realise that wide bodies are normally operated on short flight in some parts of the world?

JAL literally operates wide bodies like A350’s and B777’s on 1 hour flights around Japan.
Turkish Airlines operates 777-300ER’s between Istanbul and Ankara which is even less than an hour.
There’s many many more examples of this.

Anyway doing unrealistic flights in IF is 🤮

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Nothing wrong with unrealistic flights. Infinite Flight and simulators allow you to experience basically anything.

If it makes you feel better though (sorry Plexi this goes against your title), KLM appears to have used the 747-400 on the Cairo to Amsterdam route a decade ago.


If you are looking for another unrealistic route, you should fly the Thai A380 from KJFK to KBOS. Callsign “Avianca 737”.

Also, be sure it is flown on expert.

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I saw you flying this route on Sunday!

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Oh god. While I like the idea I’m not sure I’ll be able to handle you fly that unrealistically 😂. Anyway enjoy your flight!


Hyderabad to Sao Paulo is very unrealistic also

I remember doing Tahiti to Tenerife one time. 21 hours of flying. 😂😂😂

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FE7 (Kananaskis village helistop) to CYYC (Calgary Intl) in an Icelandair 757 😂
One passenger and 20 minutes of fuel, nothing else

its not unrealistic unless you use the generic livery

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Pyongyang-JFK Aer Lingus livery


dude let ppl fly it has nothing to do with you

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KLM Cargo
Cathay Pacific Cargo
Qantas (did)

If you’re looking for unrealistic, I flew a CRJ-900 transatlantic.

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